Jun 5, 2011

English Test

Minggu depan ada english test la pulak.. huhu.. rasa macam nak ambil SPM pulak.. Ini semua untuk FSTEP..

Financial Sector Talent Enrichment Programme (FSTEP), the brainchild of the Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz is managed by Institut Bank-Bank Malaysia and driven by the financial services industry with the objective to train and prepare high calibre graduates to serve in the financial services institutions in Malaysia. 

The Targeted Participants

The programme is targeted at graduates from local and foreign institutions of higher learning as well as those who are working in the non-financial sector but with interest to pursue careers in the financial services industry i.e. conventional banks, Islamic banks, insurance and takaful companies.

The orientation of the programme focuses on the practical and operational aspects of the financial services industry.

Phase One : 6 months classroom training 
Phase Two : 6 months of Internship with Financial Institutions    


Apply online or print on-line application form and send to FSTEP office. 

Step pertama, English Language Profiency Assessment.. Kalau pass baru ke step ke dua, Profiling Test Assessment.. wah, banyak peringkat nak kena tempuh.. memang agak susah nak pass test untuk FSTEP ni.. apa pun aku try je la.. cuba selagi boleh..

p/s: tengah praktis ujian English online.. praktis praktis praktis..

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Unknown said...[Re perbs]

practise make perfect . btw , learning english language is fun maaa ;)

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SyedGraphix Dot Com said...[Re perbs]

wahh..gudluck gudluckk!

sue perbs.. said...[Re perbs]

yeap.. learning english memang fun tia.. thankiu syed.. ^_*

Nor Suhaiza said...[Re perbs]

gud luck dear...
do ur best...

salam kenal ;)

Anyss Syuhada said...[Re perbs]

gud luck ye kak sue..

sue perbs.. said...[Re perbs]

thankiu Nor Suhaiza and Anyss... ^_*

farah ashikin said...[Re perbs]

kena speeking dgn ko la cmnih :)